ForMin Corlatean: I voted thinking of our brothers beyond the Prut

Photo credit: (c) Grigore POPESCU / AGERPRES ARCHIVE

Minister of Foreign Affairs Titus Corlatean cast his ballot in the presidential polls early on Sunday at "Nicolae Tonitza" Plastic Art High School, stressing that he has voted "thinking of our brothers beyond the Prut."

He came accompanied by his wife, his daughter and his wife's grandmother.

"I have voted thinking of our brothers beyond the Prut, from Bessarabia, and when casting my ballot, I prayed that the future president to be able to do all these things for the good of the Romanians and of Romania," Titus Corlatean said.

He also said that it's hard to make predictions as regards the vote of the Romanians abroad. Corlatean pointed out that for objective reasons, the number of polling stations, especially in the Republic of Moldova, was increased to 21 from 13 in 2009.

When asked if there are enough ballot papers for the Romanians abroad, Corlatean said there have always been sufficient ballot papers.AGERPRES

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