Interpol warrant for 95 people

BELGRADE - Seputy Prosecutor for War Crimes Dragoljub Stankovic said on Wednesday that the investigation concerning 14 cases against members of the former Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) suspected of committing war crimes had been completed, and that Interpol arrest warrants had been issued on 95 people, but that the authorities in Pristina were doing nothing regarding their extradition.

The suspects' countries of residence are also reluctant to extradite them to Belgrade, he said at a meeting of the Serbian parliament committee on Kosovo.

The investigation concerning 14 cases determined that 113 people had been killed or victimised in some other way from March 1998 to 1999.

Some suspects were arrested and cases against them built, but then a court in Kosovo would drop any action against them, Stankovic noted.

Commenting on cooperation with EULEX and the Special Investigative Team from Brussels, he stated that the cooperation had to be mutual, and that out of the 36 members of the KLA wanted since 2007 in the Orahovac group case, only one person had been extradited to Serbia.

Meanwhile, two of those 36 were arrested in Albania, turned over to EULEX, found guilty and received a penalty, he remarked.

Concerning cooperation with the Special Investigative Team from Brussels, he said that two prosecutors and two inspectors in charge of those relations were not enough for such a complex task, because their jurisdiction covers crimes from 1997 to 2001.

Serbia should form a special body to work with that team, he believes.

Gead of the missing persons commission of the Serbian government Veljko Odalovic stated that most of the crimes had been committed under the mandate of the...

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