Avramopoulos says New Democracy-SYRIZA government a possibility

New Democracy politician Dimitris Avramopoulos, who took up his post as European Commissioner for Migration at the beginning of the month, believes that his party and rival SYRIZA may be called upon to govern together in the future.

When asked by Sunday’s Kathimerini whether it is possible that the two parties could find themselves in the same government, former Defense Minister Avramopoulos did not rule out the option.

“In a democracy the possible is defined by whatever the people decides,” he said. “Politicians and parties have a duty to find the most conducive and democratic road to adopt the people’s mandate.”

One of Avramopoulos’s last acts as defense minister was to hold talks with SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras, who also met with Greece’s military chiefs. The conservative said it was his “institutional duty” to brief the opposition leader on issues of national importance.

However, he added that he sees himself as a figure that can bridge divides. “As a politician I have for a long time found myself on the other side from those who want polarization and petty political confrontation,” he said.

“We have paid a high price for political polarization in our country. It is one of the factors that led us to this collapse of values. We have to realize that a country of 11 million people, which faces relentless global competition, does not have the luxury to be divided.”

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