Digital ad revenues at Turkey’s Hürriyet see 40 percent jump

Hürriyet CEO Ahmet Özer

The digital ads revenues of Hürriyet Dünyası, the joint name of all Hürriyet products, jumped 40 percent in the first three quarters compared to the same period a year earlier, according to CEO Ahmet Özer.

“We grew double the growth in the sector as the largest digital publisher in Turkey,” he said in an interview. “We thus expanded both our revenues and market share.”

Digital publishing is the engine of growth for Hürriyet Dünyası.

Hürriyet Dünyası covers print and online eversion of daily Hürriyet, along with the Hürriyet Daily News and other digital or hard copy products.

“Some 15 percent of our overall revenues and some 18 percent of ad revenues came from digital, and this share is constantly increasing,” Özer said. 

Digital advertising is very strategic for Hürriyet Dünyası, he said, adding that the number of monthly unique visitors to, the main website of the brand, stands at 35 million.

“Hürriyet Dünyası reaches some 10 million people every day,” Özer said.

However, calculating the market share in digital ads poses its own challenges, according to the CEO, who complained about the lack of a trustable and objective body to make calculations.

Hürriyet diversifies its content for the different needs of mobile phones, tablets and personal computers, he said. 

“There are many things that the publishers, ad-givers and agencies should do to expand mobile ads,” he added.

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