Salsa festival to take place in Belgrade December 5-7

BELGRADE - The 9th International Festival of Salsa and other Caribbean dances under the title Salsa Motion Weekend will be held in Belgrade from December 5 to 7 and it will gather around 1,000 dancers from Serbia and the world.

According to the announcements, the festival organised by Salsa Primera dance school will organise evening dance events, stage performances, a competition and over 30 dance workshops focusing on salsa, bachata and other dances.

The festival will gather dancers from Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Slovenia, Hungary, Poland and Turkey.

Festival participants will be able to learn new salsa, bachata, reggaeton, cha-cha-cha, kizomba and other dance moves from over 20 instructors from Cuba, great Britain, France, Hungary, Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia and Croatia.

Photo (illustration)

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