Macedonia Unveils Proposal for New Coat of Arms

Macedonia's cabinet has put forward a proposal for a new state emblem set to replace the one Skopje has had for the past twenty-two years.

The fierce-looking red lion against the background of a golden shield and a crown should "restore the country's historic symbols," MINA news agency reports.

The country's current coat of arms is modeled after that of the Soviet Union, with Belarus being the only ex-Soviet state maintaining a similar emblem.

A draft proposing the new coat of arms reads that "the aim is to highlight and display the sovereignty and integrity of the state" and also "to join the family of European countries."

Bulgaria also changed its emblem after the collapse of Soviet bloc, replacing a white lion having a red star on top of his head with a crowned golden lion over a dark red shield, also with the Bulgarian historical crown above. The shield is supported by another two golden lions propping it up on each side.

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