More Serbs could be indicted in Kosovo police member murder

More Serbs could be indicted in Kosovo police member murder

KOSOVSKA MITROVICA -- An international public prosecutor has filed the request to EULEX judges to expand the indictment for the murder of a Kosovo police member to four more Serbs.

A hearing was held in the Basic Court in Kosovska Mitrovica on Monday in the case against two Serb defendants from Zubin Potok as suspects in the murder of Enver Zumberi.

Zumberi was killed in July 2011 when members of the Kosovo police attempted to take over the Brnjak crossing at the administrative line between the southern Serbian province and central Serbia.

The convoy of ROSU forces was attacked on the Mitrovica-Ribarice road in a village in the Zubin Potok municipality, northern Kosovo.

Radovan Radic and Milovan Vlaskovic were so far the only suspects for the murder of the member of the Kosovo special units, but the international EULEX prosecutor called for expansion of the indictment to Radomir Kasalovic and Slobodan Sovrlic, lawyer Nebojsa Vlajic told Tanjug.

The Monday hearing was supposed to focus on the opening statements by the prosecutor and the defense, but this did not happen because the public prosecutor filed the request demanding that the proceedings on the indictment should be merged with the indictment against two more Serbs he filed on Monday, Vlajic said.

In case the judge grants the prosecutor's request, the merged trial against four Serb suspects could begin in late January 2015, Vlajic said.

Six Serbs suspects were originally charged with the murder of the special police unit member and a warrant for their arrest was issued.

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