Bulgarian Parliament Adopts Changes to IntMin Act at First Reading

Bulgarian Interior Minister Veselin Vuchkov. Photo: BGNES/EPA

Bulgarian Members of Parliament (MPs) adopted on Thursday at first reading the amendments proposed by the main ruling party GERB to the Interior Ministry Act.

One of the changes foresees the transfer of the General Directorate Combating Organised Crime (GDBOP) from the authority of the State Agency for National Security (DANS) to that of the Interior Ministry.

Another of the proposed amendments provides for the restoration of the competition exams, Darik radio reports.

The chairmen of DANS and the State Agency for Technical Operations (DATO), which is in charge of the provision and application of special intelligence means, will be no longer elected by Parliament, but nominated by the Council of Ministers and appointed with a decree by the President.

General Directorate National Police will be restored, which is currently divided into Criminal and Security branches.

The proposed changes were adopted at first reading, mainly with the support of the main ruling party Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria (GERB), their coalition partners from the Reformist Bloc (RB) and the opposition Bulgarian Democratic Centre.

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