Independent MP Mika Iatridi welcomed back into New Democracy fold

An independent lawmaker for the islands of the Dodecannese in the southeastern Aegean was welcomed back into the fold of New Democracy on Tuesday, bringing the number of MPs representing the party that is heading Greece's coalition government in snap elections next month to 128 in the 300-seat House.

Mika Iatridi met with Prime Minister and New Democracy chief Antonis Samaras on Tuesday and requested to be let back into the conservative party after backing the government's candidate for president in the last of three failed ballots in Parliament on Monday.

Iatridi was first elected on the ND ticket in 2009 but was ousted from the party after voting against Greece's second bailout deal with its international creditors in 2012. In local elections in May that year she ran with Independent Greeks, breaking ranks from the small nationalist party in June this year.

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