Top priority

The snap election on January 25 will determine the country’s future for years to come.

History will prove particularly tough on the system’s favorites who opted to defend personal over public interests. It will be equally harsh on those representing the middle classes if they don’t put aside their personal differences and small-time goals. New Democracy chief Antonis Samaras has to act in a unifying manner and develop a robust team which will overturn the party’s tired image.

No party barons, big or small, can be allowed to adopt prima donna-ish airs and use undermining tactics.

The truth is that Samaras put up a fight trying to get the country back on its feet. Mistakes were made along the way, there was hesitation, but he did put up a fight.

The same goes for the center left. The Greek people expect and demand responsibility, as opposed to maneuvers for personal gain and settling of accounts. The time will come for regrouping and a possible renewal of the political system. What matters most now is for a pro-European, middle classes bloc to win the upcoming ballot.

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