Poll gives SYRIZA 3.1 point lead over New Democracy

Greece's radical leftist SYRIZA party led the ruling conservatives by 3.1 percentage points in an opinion poll conducted after it became clear that a snap election would be called, the pollster Rass said on Saturday.

The survey for Sunday's Eleftheros Typos newspaper was conducted on Dec. 29 to 30, after Prime Minister Antonis Samaras failed to have his candidate elected president by parliament.

The poll put support for SYRIZA at 30.4 percent against 27.3 percent for the conservatives of Samaras's New Democracy party, if an election were held now, a slight narrowing from a 3.4 point lead in a previous Rass poll last month. The election has been set for Jan. 25.

In the latest survey, the KKE communist party was third on 4.8 percent, followed by the center-left To Potami with 4.7 percent, and the far-right Golden Dawn with 3.8 percent. The Socialist party Pasok, which rules in coalition with New Democracy, polled just 3.5 percent.

SYRIZA has led New Democracy in opinion polls for months, but its lead has narrowed in recent weeks.

In the poll, 74.2 percent agreed that Greece must stay in the euro zone «at all costs», and 24.1 percent disagreed.

The survey was conducted on a sample of 1,002 Greeks.


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