Bulgaria's Ruling Party GERB to Amend over 20 Laws to Propel Reforms

Photo by BGNES

Vladimir Toshev, MP from ruling center-right party GERB (Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria), has underscored the need to amend over 20 laws to launch reforms.

In a Saturday interview for the Focus news agency, Toshev explained that the law regulating school and pre-school education had been adopted some 50 years ago and had to be replaced by a new one.

He said that the law on higher education and science was next on the agenda.

Stressing that the situation in the sphere of healthcare was very difficult, he informed that at least five laws would have to be changed.

Toshev pointed out that the problems were not only related to the National Health Insurance Fund.

He argued that it was essential to introduce electronic health insurance card and to examine statistics about the needs of the people in the different regions of the country, adding that this was a good place to start with reforms.

The GERB MP made clear that work on the Interior Ministry Act had to be wrapped up and the authorities had to focus on drafting a Special Services Act regulating the management and analysis of intelligence.

He suggested that Bulgaria needed three new laws, including a National Security Service Act, a National Intelligence Service Act, and a Defence Information Service Act.

Toshev also drew attention to the need to streamline the Election Code, adding that the European Parliament elections in May 2014 and the early elections on October 5 had uncovered serious flaws in the existing legislation.

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