Chamber Speaker Zgonea: Vote by mail couldn't be only for the Diaspora


Vote by mail could not be only for the Diaspora, on Wednesday said the chairman of the special parliamentary Committee for the elaboration of the legislative proposals on the electoral laws, Valeriu Zgonea


'Vote by mail is issued for a certain type of voting, for all Romania's citizens. This is a tough (to complete) issue, otherwise it would be unconstitutional,' Zgonea, who is also the Speaker of the lower House of the Parliament, specified, at the end of a reunion of the said committee.

He showed that security is set through the measures provided by the law.

'There have been a lot of elements blamed by the participants in a vote by mail in Spain, Italy or Great Britain and that is why the committee has written to the embassies and asked for support from the national parliaments of the EU countries with regard to this matter. Moreover, we have asked for support from the US Embassy, too. Last year, somewhere in December this support was received and distributed to all the members of the committee so that we could see how things are with the vote by mail and the electronic vote in the United States (...) Humans' resourcefulness is huge. We want it to be a secured vote and we should all understand that, when enforcing a vote by mail or an electronic vote, a part of the security one has as a citizen regarding the way one votes, is lost. We should accept this,' said Zgonea.

The Chamber of Deputies Speaker added that they have also spoken about the crowd at the poll stations from abroad.

'We have discussed that we should be able to create over there as many polling stations so that the people could have access to during that very day. (...) There are some issues we should...

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