Tudor Giurgiu's 'Why me?' has world premiere in 'Panorama' section of Berlin Film Festival

Photo credit: (c) Mircea ROSCA / AGERPRES ARCHIVE

Film director Tudor Giurgiu's third feature "Why me?" will have its world premiere in the "Panorama" section of the Berlin International Film Festival running between February 5 - 15, informs the official website of the event.

Photo credit: (c) Mircea ROSCA / AGERPRES ARCHIVE

Tudor Giurgiu's film will compete in this section with productions from countries like Mexico, Morocco, the USA and Argentina. "Panorama" features this year 34 fiction films from 29 countries.

"Why me?" will open in Romanian theaters on February 27, producer Libra Film announced. Inspired from a real case occurred in Romania in the early 2000s, the suicide of rising star prosecutor Cristian Panait, "Why me?" tells the story of the grim disillusionment of Cristian (played by Emilian Oprea), an idealistic young prosecutor who attempts to unravel a tangled case of corruption in the boisterous social and political context of the 2000s.

He is assigned to investigate a fellow prosecutor suspected of bribery, forgery and theft of documents, but as his investigation takes him to extremely high-level circles involved in crime, the young and zealous attorney sees his confidence in justice shattered. In his quest for the truth, Cristian enters a dangerous zone and is exposed to painful and unexpected revelations, the cited source says.

"A film inspired by so powerful a reality can be done in a thousand ways. But I am interested strictly in dismantling the mechanisms that determine, in just 20 days, a literally and figuratively strong man to take his own life. What mechanisms, what inner triggers kick in when you discover that the entire system you worked for is corrupt and rotten to the ground? It's basically a movie about the fast disintegration of a man who chose...

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