UK Ambassador: Bulgaria PM Borisov 'Unique Man, Unique PM'

Photo by British Embassy in Sofia

Britain's outgoing Ambassador to Sofia Jonathan Allen has praised Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov for having "a flair" despite not being a professional politician.

In his last interview before departing for the UK later this month, Allen has said Borisov is "a man with a difficult job, a unique man, a unique Prime Minister."

"There is no single word [to describe] Boyko Borisov... He is not like professional politicians from other countries, this is why I think he has a close friendship with my Prime Minister David Cameron, who likes him so much," Allen said in a Sunday interview for private national channel bTV.

The last time Borisov met with Cameron was in end-December, when the two discussed energy projects and cooperation in counter-terrorism on the sidelines of a European Council summit.

His Excellency also commented on Bulgaria's future, reiterating he believed in the country's potential:

"In Bulgaria you have the strongest bonds between among friends and family I know of. You should be happy."

Allen, who is quite fluent in Bulgarian, added he would continue making trips to the country after returning to Britain, joking he would otherwise practice the language since "they don't speak too much in Bulgarian" at Foreign Office.

The ambassador is to become Director for National Security at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, with his deputy Sarah Riley set to take over the embassy ad interim until May, when Emma Hopkins is to hand her credentials as Allen's successor.

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