Peskirevic twins named ambassadors of Land of Impressionism

PARIS - Serbian painters and twin brothers Slobodan and Vladimir Peskirevic have officially been named Ambassadors of the Land of Impressionism, becoming the first in art history and history in general to receive such recognition.

As the originators of what the French refer to as new post-impressionism, the brothers won two top prizes in 2011.

Slobodan won the Land of Impressionists prize, while Vladimir claimed the European Land of Impressionists prize.

Based in Paris, the Peskirevic brothers are the first in the history of impressionism to win these prizes.

For that reason, representatives of all fields officially named them ambassadors at the most recent impressionist exhibition, which is still ongoing in Bougival, the cradle of impressionism, where Vincent Van Gogh also painted some of his works.

The Peskirevic brothers are twin painters who are unique in art history, not only because they work separately, but also because they sometimes work on the same painting simultaneously, with four hands.

The Belgrade-born Peskirevics moved to Algeria with their family when they were three years old and lived there until the age of 12, when they went to Paris, where they reside today.

They are graduates of the Paris Academy of Fine Arts and have exhibited at numerous group and individual events around the world - in New York, Geneva, Paris, Beijing and Belgrade.

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