Open letter to judges

Three men dragged a woman with a car for 230 meters; she died when she went under the rear wheels. The sentences of 36 years each were reduced to 30 years because of their ?good conduct? in the courtroom.

The guy was given a one year and eight months? jail sentence for sexually assaulting a Japanese tourist in his vehicle. He was tried without being arrested. Because of his respectful attitude in the hearing, this ?very light? sentence was postponed.

The sentence of the guy who killed his girlfriend and later cut the body to pieces and dumped it in a container was reduced to 25 years because of ?good conduct.?

The molesting police chief enjoyed the ?good conduct? reduction and was punished with the least possible sentence, which was converted to a 2,500 Turkish Liras-fine in installments.

A school administrator, after sexually abusing four little girls, was given the lightest sentence for two of the girls. For the other two girls, because their physical and psychological health was not damaged, simple sexual abuse charges were demanded. He enjoyed the ?good conduct? reduction and his sentence was cut by one-sixth.

A guy?s 25-year sentence for sexually abusing two children of 4 and 6 years of age was reduced to five years because ?the children?s psychological health was not damaged? and he was released.

The life sentence given to the man who murdered his wife was reduced to 18 years because the wife had a lover. He also received the ?good conduct? reduction.

The sentence of the man who killed his wife by stabbing her 16 times was reduced to 20 years because the wife was cheating on him.

For the teacher who sexually harassed six of his 10-year-old students, a reduced sentence was given on...

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