Greek MEP complains to Schulz over Mogherini mixup of fYRoM with province where Amphipolis is found

Greek MEP Eva Kaili complained to Euro-parliament President Martin Schulz on Wednesday over use of the word “Macedonia”, stand alone, to refer to the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (fYRoM) by EU Foreign Policy High Representative Federica Mogherini.

As with the UN, the European Union recognized the former Yugoslav constituent state as fYRoM, not “Macedonia”.

Kaili asked Schulz to rectify the matter.

“Those of us who hail from Macedonia never accepted the idea of specifying from which one (Macedonia) we come from … This type of handling flagrantly violates historical truth and is not accepted by the Greek people,” she said, referring to the province of Macedonia in northern Greece, the area that more closely approximates historical and geographical Macedonia.

Repeated Greek governments have called on the land-locked state to its immediate north to use a geographic determinant before the name “Macedonia” in order to differentiate it from the Greek province of Macedonia.

Following the meeting, Schulz posted a picture with the Greek MEP on his personal Facebook account.

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