Vangelis’ body found near Ioannina creek

A dramatic finale for a story that the whole of Greece has been following with baited breath for over a month.


Around 08:30 am local, as revealed by, Police finally discovered the body of Vangelis Yakoumakis, who disappeared around a month ago from the Dairy School of Ioannina where he was studying.


Yorgos Vidiadakis, the uncle of Vangelis who rushed to the spot verified the bad news: “They found Vangelis, he is dead”, said the man and broke down in tears.


The Cretan man was notified by Police. He was already in Ioannina to be able to continue and pay close attention to the latest updates of the search. He could not believe what he would be told. Vangelis’ body was found near a river next to the Ioannina lake, not far from the Dairy School complex.


Ioannina is in turmoil at this time, whereas Dairy School students are now worried that this will initiate yet another cycle of Police interviews and interrogations which might shed some more light into the disappearance of Vangelis.


According to Police reports, the body was found by a shepherd who notified authorities. There was a knife found next to the young student.

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