Varoufakis' middle finger gesture: Experts examine its authenticity (video)

Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis spoke with ARD presenter Günther Jauch and addressed a number of issues concerning Greek debt. During the interview he also addressed a recent video that appears to show Varoufakis sticking his middle finger to hypothetical German officials during a speech he made in Zagreb in 2013, just two years he became Greek finance minister. He called the video a fake.

The German Bild newspaper refutes Varoufakis' claims, stating that experts agree that the rude finger gesture had not been the product of montage.

Social media site Conflict Reporter, that has often exposed videos from the Ukraine and Syria as fake, stated that the Varoufakis' speech showed no signs of montage. The site looked at shadows, movement, relativity and found that there were no signs that the video had been tampered with.

Film expert Kostas Nomikos states certainty that the video is authentic as both the image and sound match, and it has not been cut.

Bild reports that if the video has not been edited then Varoufakis has been exposed as a liar infront of an audience of millions.

Varoufakis told Jauch that he felt ashamed that people should believe that he is capable of making such a gesture. "It is a fake video just as another that shows me giving my hand to a foreign politician and then pulling it back at the last moment," he stressed. Jauch assured Varoufakis that he would look into the authenticity of the video.

The video in question:
See the gesture at 1:59 minutes.

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