Ambassador denies Serbians were abducted in Libya


Ambassador denies Serbians were abducted in Libya

BELGRADE -- No Serbian citizens were abducted on Tuesday in the town of Sirte, Serbian Ambassador to Libya Oliver Potezica has said.

Earlier in the day, U.S. broadcaster CNN reported that Islamic State (IS) terrorists had abducted 20 medical workers, "Serbians among them."

"We have checked all the information and determined that, according to the data we have, no Serbian citizens were kidnapped in Sirte," Potezica said.

The ambassador added that there were nine Serbians in that town last night, among them a doctor and a nurse who in the meantime left and are now in Tripoli.

"The others did not show any intention to leave Sirte, they continue to work there, and it's business as usual for them today, and for everyone else the embassy has contacted," Potezica explained.

Earlier in the day, B92 spoke with Bosnia's ambassador to Libya, Ibrahim Efendic, who said the IS was not holding hostages in the hospital in Sirte, adding that Serbian medical workers were not in jeopardy.

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