Eight pies to try in Greece (photos)

Pies are among the most popular dishes in Greece and they are offered in a variety of shapes, sizes and fillings in almost every region in Greece.

Thanks to the locally produced fresh ingredients, the traditional pies that originate from the Greek islands or the towns and villages of the Greek mainland are truly unique.

What makes Greek pies truly special is the phyllo-sheets, which can be processed differently to produce a different texture. As for the filling, Greek imagination has created innumerable combinations.

Here are eight of the best pies in Greece, which originate from 8 different regions in Greece

Cod fish pie - Kefalonia island

Milk pie - Ioannina

Honey pie - Sifnos island

Pumpkin pie - Karditsa

Spinach pie - Athens

Cheese pies, Sfakia, Crete

Cheese pie with herbs - Lakonia


Mpougatsa, Thessaloniki

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