Your guide to Athens' urban sculptures (photos)

Urban art reveals more about a city than traditional travel guides, as it directly reflects and soul and the creative spirit of its residents.

Athens, the fascinating capital of Greece, boasts of amazing archaeological sites and art museums that attract thousands of tourists each year.

What you may not know, however, is that this vibrant city is also home to amazing urban sculptures, adorning its streets, avenues and parks. These sculptures range from classic statues to modern works of art and reveal the many faces of the Greek capital.

Here's some of the most impressive works of art in the streets of Athens.

'The civilians fighting in Crete' by Manolis Tzompanakis at the courtyard of the War Museum

'Massification' by George Lambrou across Rizari Park.

'Runner' sculpture by Costas Varotsos at the Megali tou Genous Scholi Square, in front of the Hilton Hotel.

'Eleftherios Venizelos' by Yiannis Pappas at the Greek parliament

'Ideas' meeting' by George Kalakalla between Vasileos Konstantinou Avenue and Rizari

'Discus thrower' by Kostas Dimitriadis in front of the Panathenaic Stadium

'The wood breaker' by Dimitrios Filippotis, Zappeion

'Theodoros Kolokotronis' by Lazaros Sohos, in front of the Old Parliament building.

'Memorial of National Reconciliation' by Vassilis Doropoulos, at Klafthmonos Square

'Theseus' (Fontana Thésée) by Sophia Vari-Botero.

'Beneficial & Xenios Hermes' by Alekos Fassianos at Aiolou

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