Travel Corridor 10 in Serbia over the next year

BELGRADE - The Road Corridor X section through Serbia will be completed by the end of next year, State Secretary with the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Miodrag Poledica said at the opening of a conference titled "Transport and Logistics of South East Europe and Danube Region - TIL 2015" on Thursday.

Poledica said that the works were underway on approximately 150 km of Corridor X highway on the way to the Macedonian and Bulgarian border.

He stressed the importance of the Danube strategy for the development of the region, adding that South East Europe still had no modern multimodal transport terminals, whereas Germany, for example, had about 50 such terminals.

The conference is organized under the auspices of the Serbian Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure.

Participating in the conference are representatives of leading companies in the fields of freight forwarding, logistics and road, railway, air and water transportation and of professional associations from South East Europe, the Danube region, the EU, Turkey, Russia and China.

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