Albanian MP Wanted in Belgium for Murder

Frroku, who is already under house arrest on different charges, has been convicted by Brussels' first-instance court of the premeditated murder of Albanian citizen Aleksander Kurti in March 1999, in collaboration with three others.

The Albanian MP, who was known by the alias Besnik Morina in Belgium, was sentenced to ten years in prison but has appealed against the conviction and will face new hearings if extradited.

The Belgian authorities believe that Kurti's murder came after disputes over a prostitution racket that is thought to have been run by Frroku's older brother.

Frroku is currently under house arrest in Albania, after being detained on charges of giving false testimony last Thursday. He is accused of concocting a fake-murder plot together with another MP, Tom Doshi.

Doshi claimed earlier this month that the speaker of parliament, Ilir Meta, had hired a hitman to kill him and another MP, Mhill Fufi. He also said Frroku had informed him of the existence of the plot.

Meta denies any wrongdoing and has called the allegations a "farce".

Doshi is also currently under house arrest after being detained on Thursday.

Parliament will meet on Tuesday to consider the prosecution new request's to lift Frroku's immunity over the murder charge.

Meanwhile his older brother, Arben Frroku, is also on trial in Albania, accused of killing a Tirana police chief in mafia-style hit in February 2013.

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