Germanwings Pilot's Last Words: ''Open the damn door!''

Photo: EPA

As he was desperately trying to enter the cockpit of the crashed Germanwings plane, captain Patrick Sondenheimer shouted,'' Open the damn door!''

The last words of the captain were revealed through the black box recording found after the accident, as reported by German newspaper Bild Sunday.

Second pilot -Andreas Lubitz, who had locked the door to the cockpit apparently was silent and did not reply. Meanwhile, all 150 passengers could be heard screaming in the background, realizing what was about to happen.

The transcript of the last moments before the plane crash were published by the German newspaper Bild on Sunday.

According to the information revealed, the captain left Lubitz in charge, as he hadn't had time to go to the restroom before the takeoff in Barcelona.

Additionally, it has been stated that Lubitz was suffering from vision problems, caused by a detached retina. Prosecutors in Düsseldorf said that he might have been concealing his condition from the airline. However, this was merely one of the hypotheses during the investigation.

Meanwhile, Lubitz's ex-girlfriend, Maria W., 26, said that he had been ''tormented'' and that he was always saying that he would do something to change the system, so that ''everyone will then know my name and remember me.''

She added that he had a recurring nightmare the he was going to be in a plane crash, the RT reported.

According to a statement of the Düsseldorf University Hospital, Lubitz had been undergoing diagnostic tests and not psychological treatment as had been alleged, as reported by DPA news agency.

The version claiming that the incident was a terrorist act was also largely rebuked, after German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere stated no connection had...

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