"Serbia has true friend in Slovakia"


Slovakia "supports Serbia's EU bid, won't recognoze Kosovo"

BRATISLAVA -- Slovakia is Serbia's true friend, whose experience can teach us a lot, Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said on Thursday in Bratislava.

He made the statement as he met with Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico.

Vucic told at a joint press conference with the Slovakian prime minister that Serbia's goal is full stabilization of the Balkans.

He said that Serbia will use some of the measures that the Slovakian government has successfully implemented with an eye to boosting economy.

"This year's growth in Slovakia stands at four percent, while the fiscal deficit is below three percent, and this is a good example for Serbia," Vucic said.

Vucic and Fico conferred on Slovakia's experience in supporting the entrepreneurial sector and manners to collect taxes and VAT, which were successfully implemented by Slovakia, the Serbian government's press office said.

The two prime ministers also said that "Serbia and Slovakia will not recognize Kosovo."

"We are carefully monitoring the development of relations between Belgrade and Pristina, but neither Slovakia, nor Serbia, has any reason to change its position. We are not ready to, and will not recognize Kosovo," Fico said.

"Serbia's position is not changing," said Vucic. "We talk, we will always talk, but we will not recognize Kosovo."

Fico also stated that talks on opening chapters within Serbia's EU accession process should start as soon as possible.

"I am satisfied screening is completed for Serbia, and talks on opening the chapters need to start as soon as possible," Fico said addressing the press, and added:

"We welcomed the fact Serbia...

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