Varoufakis’ Paris Match house is for rent

Just as Greeks were wondering what possessed the Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis to open up his home to Paris Match for a pretentious shoot of his home at the neoclassical building at the foot of the Acropolis, everything became clear. The Paris Match shoot was just free advertising for the home he put up for rent in Agora on Saturday.

The home featured in the Paris Match shoot is the family house of Varoufakis’ wife Danae Stratou. Up for rent, anybody can stay here for 1,700 euros per month… a bargain at 19 euros per square meter.

The classified ad reads:

“Acropolis flat 170 sq. meters, 1st floor, three bedrooms, built in 1930, three bathrooms, individual heating, natural gas, air conditioning, fireplace, excellent condition, in a trust building near the Acropolis Museum. It has three joint reception areas, a balcony that looks over a garden , open kitchen, light, 1,700 euros.”

The couple is now living at another home at Mavili Square.

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