PM: Helicopter crew is not to blame


PM: Helicopter crew is not to blame

BELGRADE -- The prosecution will establish the criminal responsibility for the military helicopter crash that left seven people dead on March 13, says Aleksandar Vucic.

But during a news conference on Saturday, the prime minister added that "calls for determining the political responsibility should be addressed to him."

"The members of the helicopter crew are heroes, they are not to blame, and the public should stop a smear campaign against them," Vucic said after the reports compiled by the two commissions, which were published on Friday, stated

that the primary responsibility for the crash lay with the crew.

"In search for those to blame, the public forgot about the four members of the helicopter, medical workers who lost their lives while trying to rescue a five-day old baby with severe health problems," he noted.

The prime minister said that "as far as he and the Serbian government are concerned," pilot Omer Mehic and the entire crew "are not to blame for anything and the same goes for Brigadier General Predrag Bandic who had ordered the rescue operation."

"In Germany, the public has offered support to the family of the co-pilot responsible for the Germanwings plane crash, while here we have a completely opposite situation," Vucic said, calling on the public "to show respect for the victims."

He underscored that "entire Serbia will remember those who died in the helicopter crash while trying to save the baby as heroes," and that he "will not tolerate that the dignity of the Serbian Army be undermined for the sake of petty political interests," Tanjug reported.

Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic said on Saturday it was "intolerable for the probe...

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