Marathon Flame arrives in Belgrade

BELGRADE - The Marathon Flame, a symbol of peace, fair play and tolerance arrived in Belgrade from Athens Wednesday, and will burn at the 28th Belgrade Marathon's start and finish lines on Saturday, April 18.

In a ceremony taking place in front of the City Assembly, a little girl runner, Nina Marinkovic, handed the torch over to Greek Ambassador to Serbia Constantine Economides, who then passed it to City Assembly President Nikola Nikodijevic.

The Marathon flame is a symbol of hard work, perseverance and dedication. We are grateful to Belgrade, but also to the little runners who brought the flame for having it here. We brought good weather from Greece as well, and we wish the participants in the marathon every success and good luck, Economides told a press conference.

This year's marathon is expected to bring together a record number of participants - over 4,000 marathon and semi-marathon runners - and will feature a special, pet race, for the first time.

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