Yanis at Obama-hosted White House event for Greek Independence Day on Thur.

Officially, Greek FinMin Yanis Varoufakis, toasted of late as the world's latest "celebrity economist", will lead a Greek delegation at Thursday's White House reception honoring Greek Independence Day (March 25), an annual affair.

Although a direct chat during the event between Varoufakis and the reception's host, Barack Obama, isn't out of the question, there's apparently nothing on the White House itinerary for a private meeting.

Nevertheless, a WSJ article on Tuesday quotes a Greek government official as saying that "Mr. Varoufakis is going to attend celebrations for the Greek Independence Day at the White House, where he will have a private meeting with the U.S. president."

In dig aimed at Yanis ahead of his Washington trip - where's he also scheduled to address the IMF and World Bank Group's annual spring meetings - the German mass tabloid Bild headlined an article reading "Will Greeks ask for loans from US?"

The article continues by saying that the Greek government is "seeking out new lenders", while featuring photos of Varoufakis and Obama on is website.

Beyond Obama and the White House, Varoufakis will speak at a Brookings Institution conference on Thursday, a venue where powerful German FinMin Wolfgang Schäuble is also scheduled to attend - meaning a Yanis- Schäuble meeting on the sidelines cannot be ruled out.

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