Gosince border post attacked by Kosovo group,Alfa TV reports

SKOPJE - Five of the 40 armed people who have attacked a border post in the village of Gosince in northern Macedonia have been identified, the Macedonian Alfa television has reported.

The channel's website said late Tuesday that all of the attackers are from Gnjilane, a town in the south of the Serbian Kosovo-Metohija province, and that they had been known to Macedonian and regional security services.

A terrorist attack took place at 2.30 am last night as 40 masked and armed ethnic Albanians wearing the insignia of the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army took control of the Gosince border post, said Ivo Kotevski, spokesperson of the Macedonian interior ministry.

Threatening to kill the four on-duty police officers unless they leave the border area immediately, they said that they want to have their own state and that they do not accept the Ohrid agreements.

After a few hours, Macedonian forces regained control of the village, TV Nova has reported.

The attack on Gosince is a repeat of the attack on the neighbouring village of Tanusevac in 2001, which marked the start of an armed rebellion of ethnic Albanians in this border region.

The "KLA" subsequently declared it a free territory, and the rebellion ended with the Ohrid peace agreement.

Photo TV Sitel Video (illustration)

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