Bulgaria Socialist Leader Takes Shocking Pictures of Bulgaria-Serbia Road

Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) leader Mihail Mikov. Photo by Facebook/BGNES

A major international road into Serbia which was affected a landslide earlier this year is still unusable, an opposition leader has warned.

"I am not in [Nepal's capital] Kathmandu, as anybody would think, but on an international road linking Bulgaria and Serbia," Mihail Mikov, who chairs the Bulgarian Socialist Party, wrote on Facebook [BG] on Sunday evening.

He added that, though he had submitted a question in Parliament on possible repair works, so far there had been "no response" from authorities.

"Whereas money is spent on highways, what happens to secondary and third-class roads?", the BSP's leader has asked.

The road connects the city of Vidin with Zaje?ar in Serbia via Bulgaria's Vrashka Chuka border crossing.

Mikov was born in Kula, a town located  in the region of Vidin, Northwestern Bulgaria - the poorest region in the EU.

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