Parents want part of Thomas Cook’s compensation for their kids’ monoxide poisoning on Corfu

An inquest by Wakefield Coroner’s Court into the deaths of Bobby and Christi Sheherd, aged six and seven when they died while on a holiday to Corfu, found that tour operators Thomas Cook “breached their duty of care.” The children died from carbon monoxide poisoning due to a faulty boiler while on holiday in 2006. Thomas Cook admitted to having received compensation from the Greek hotel in 2013 but did not admit how much they received though there are reports that the amount was 3.5 mln pounds.

The parents state that they have only received a small fraction of the sum that Thomas Cook received. Sharon Wood told the Mail on Sunday. “It seems our children’s lives are worth only a fraction of Thomas Cook’s reputation.”

During the 2010 criminal trial in Greece, three employees from the hotel where the children had died were found guilty of manslaughter.



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