Gay Happiness Index ranks 127 countries

If you are part of the LGBT community then you should look to the North of Europe. A gay dating and information network called Planet Romeo published a very interesting report this week, ranking the happiness levels of gay men across the world. The “Gay Happiness Index” showed Iceland in first place, and Uganda in last.


The survey took place among 115,000 gay men from 127 countries based on three statistics: Public Opinion, Public Behavior, and Life Satisfaction.  Along with Iceland, the first four spots are clinched by Norway, Denmark and Sweden.


Greece is in 53rd place, with the Gay Happiness Index scoring 45 out of a hundred (Iceland has 79). England is in 23rd place and the US in 26th. Israel is in 7th and Canada in 6.


The index focuses on gay men only, which doesn’t mean there aren’t problems like sexism, transphobia or other matters that affect the LGBTQA+ community.


PlanetRomeo also states that Uganda, Kirgizstan, Sudan, Nigeria and Ethiopia are the five countries with the most negative changes in the past year.


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