#HoldACokeWithYourBoobs challenge raises breast cancer awareness

Last summer, the “Ice Bucket Challenge” became a sensation in social media and raised awareness for ALS. Anonymous and celebrities uploaded their clips where they got showered with a bucket of ice water, thus duplicating the feeling that an ALS patient feels in order to raise awareness.


Now, a new “challenge” seeks to raise awareness of breast cancer. It’s called #HoldACokeWithYourBoobsChallenge. Even though it seems to be an ad campaign by the famous beverage, in reality, it was created by a company looking for talent for shows.


Enjoy the following Instagram pics, and if you are a female, don’t forget to check for abnormalities on your breasts. If you see or feel anything, visit your doctor as soon as possible, since negative side effects of breast cancer can easily be avoided if detected early.


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