Israeli soldier punished for eating pork


A U.S.-born Israeli soldier is deep in the mud after pigging out during training.

The military sentenced the soldier to 11 days in prison for eating a pork sandwich during a break in his commander's course. The punishment was replaced with confinement to base after relatives made a stink in the media, and a lawmaker wrote the defense minister on his behalf.

As the Jewish state's military, Israel's army maintains kosher kitchens on its bases. 

The soldier, a recent immigrant from Boston who was not named, said he was unaware of the army's dietary restrictions and was merely snacking on a lunch that his secular grandmother had made him.

The Israeli military said yesterday that the trainee "violated rules and regulations and his commanders thought it necessary to discipline accordingly."

Meanwhile, Israel's central bank chief said demographic changes are threatening the country's long-term growth prospects. 

Karnit Flug said  that the low employment rate among ultra-Orthodox men and Arab women in particular was hindering growth.

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