The naked tourist's bare-all guide to Greek naturist resorts (photos)

More and more nudie havens are popping up in Greece, the land of the body beautiful. If you want to be in harmony with your body and everybody elses, here are three naturist vacation options that are so much more than a bunch of people doing everything without clothes while pretending not to be naked.

Vritomartis, South Crete

Vritomartis Naturist Resort in Crete is a family-owned nudist hotel considered one of the best in Europe. While public nudity is not “officially” legal… at Vritomartis rules and regulations are just a distant idea.

Located on the south coast of Crete, it has been open to nudists since the Eighties. Service, mainly from eastern European countries, is courteous and discreet.

Guests where nothing as they stroll around the extensive gardens and grounds and dine with their birthday suits. Two private nudists beaches are connected to the hotel where it is rare to meet anyone who is clothed… but you can leave your hat on!

There are two pools for adults and children to skinny dip and a whole host of activities that guests can take part in without the restraint of wearing clothes.

Vassalika, Kefalonia

Vassaliki Naturist Club, Kefalonia’s premier naturist resort is a naturists paradise, nestled amongst the splendour of traditional Greece.

The resort was created in 2006 by a UK couple, and soon became a favorite for naturists. Three years after its creation they offered luxury catamaran trips around the Ionian islands – without clothes. as a resort catering to discerning naturists. The resort is private with just 12 rooms with basic amenities.

Meals are followed by a game of Jenga.

Panorama, Zante

On the southern tip of Zakynthos, but far from the tourist trail. Run by a Greek family, the food is a highlight… that of course you can eat, weather-permitting, at an outdoor patio area, fully naked. The family that owns it is very friendly and its members will even drop you off at nudist beaches if you don’t have a car.


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