Belgian performer Lara Fabian catches flak for planned concert on occupied Cyprus

The latest international performed “snagged” into the Cyprus question is Belgian singer Lara Fabian, who has attracted heaps of criticism for announcing a concert in Turkish-occupied Famagusta.
The Republic of Cyprus and many Greek Cypriots consider that such events attempt to legitimize the occupation of northern Cyprus as well as the TC pseudo-state declared on the occupied territories in 1983. Only Turkey, the occupying power, recognizes the entity.
Fabian joins a list of other well-known artists, such as Julio Iglesias, Jennifer Lopez, Justin Timberlake and Rihanna who previously found themselves embroiled in the political minefield that is the Cyprus issue.
The Belgian performed had announced the concert on her Facebook page, saying it was slated for July 9 at the ancient Greek odeon at the Salamis archaeological.
No information was available on Tuesday on whether Fabian would go ahead with the performance.

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