Breaking: Capital Controls taken – Banks closed for one week!

The now embattled Tsipras government has decided to declare a bank holiday … all of next week!
Under that decision, the next open day for banks will be Monday, July 6, a day after an unprecedented call for a referendum.

“We will take any measures required to make sure there is no problem to the every day life of every Greek”, stated Yanis Varoufakis, surrounded by dozens of Greek citizens and foreign reporters while arriving to the Finance Ministry in order to attend a Systemic Stability conference.


With his statement, Varoufakis who had earlier clarified that the Greek government does not consider capital controls as a choice, wanted to assure citizens that despite the bank run following Alexis Tsipras’ referendum statements, the government has a plan to tackle the crisis.


The conference includes BoG director Yannis Stournaras, the Deputy FM Eucleid Tsakalotos, Deputy Minister Dimitris Mardas, Deputy Minister Nadia Valavani, Greek Banking Union president and National Bank president Louka Katseli, amongst others.


The largest news corporations can be seen outside the Finance Ministry. Even Japanese reporters have arrived in Athens to report on the latest developments.


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