New film releases also feel pinch of … Grecian capital controls

Capital controls and a shock referendum – declared after …midnight, to be held in a week’s time on a wordy question over a proposal by creditors now deemed invalid – have done their “trick” with movie theaters in Greece, with three new films set for release now postponed.

Outdoor cinemas are a traditional Grecian summer treat, nevertheless, the explosive economic and political situation in the country, magnified beyond any “red lines” over the weekend, has caused a collapse of ticket sales.

Four new films, “Dark Places”, “La Chambre Bleue”, “5 to7” and an Australian romantic comedy that were set to premiere in Greece this week have had their release pushed back, sans Anton Yelsin’s “5 to7”, which will appear as scheduled on Thursday.

According to local distributors, movie theater sales have “crashed” this week.


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