Serbian Citizen Faces Terrorism Trial in Kosovo

The Kosovo Special Prosecution raised an indictment on Friday against Slobodan Gavric, a citizen of Serbia who was arrested by police in Pristina last December in a car containing  a quantity of explosives.

"The defendant S.G. had the serious intent of frightening the population and destabilizing and destroying the most important political, constitutional, economic and social structures of the Republic of Kosovo and to commit the crime of terrorism," a press release said.

According to the press release, Gavric equipped himself in Belgrade with 25 explosive devices weighing around 12 kg with "high destructive capability and [with the goal of] causing greater casualty and material damage".

He was arrested on December 25 in Pristina by Kosovo police who found the explosives in his car.

The motives for the possible attack have not been made clear and it is also not clear whether Gavric planned to organized the attack himself, or whether he was acting on directives and was just a transporter.

Kosovo media reports at the time claimed that the attack was ethnically motivated although this has yet to be established. 

It is also not known what the target was, since Gavric was arrested in the peripheral Arberia neighborhood of Pristina. 

Although he is a citizen of Serbia, international terrorism legislation allows for defendants to be tried outside of their country of origin, such as in the country they were arrested in or where they allegedly attempted to commit the crime.

The father of two at the time worked for the Ministry of Agriculture of Serbia and was a veterinarian by profession.

At the time of his arrest, Kosovo police records showed that they had previous knowledge of Gavric's movements.

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