Greek designer creates fire-breathing dragon (pics + vid)

Greek graphic designer/tattoo artist Vasileios Katsanis created a 3D printable dragon that the public can download from MyMiniFactory. The design is for a 3D printable dragon incense stick holder. Katsanis says:

I was trying to think of something that I haven’t seen anywhere,” Katsanis tells “Additional[ly], I always had a love for dragons, so I thought, ‘I want to create something that is utilitarian but still decorative, and beautiful’. What does a dragon do? It Breathes fire (smoke).

He created a 3D printed dragon that actually breathes fire (incense smoke):

To use it, you remove the top and inside, at the back, there is a little hole where you insert the incense stick,” Katsanis tells us. “After it’s set, you burn the stick and put the top part back in place. The nostrils are the only way out for the smoke. The result is a beautiful dragon head, which breathes fragrant smoke.

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