No ceasefire until meeting with PKK's jailed leader allowed: Bay?k

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A permanent ceasefire from the outlawed Kurdistan Workers? Party (PKK) cannot be on the table until meetings with the group?s imprisoned leader are permitted by Ankara, a senior PKK leader has said. 

?No one can speak of a ceasefire or the peace process until the freedom of leader Apo [jailed PKK head Abdullah Öcalan] and free negotiation conditions are created,? said Cemil Bay?k, in an interview published in the Kurdish-language newspaper Azadiya Welat. 

?No one should make a fool of the Kurdish nation. The isolation in ?mral? is a cause of war in itself,? added Bay?k, who is the co-chair of the Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK), a supra organization that includes the PKK and is based in the PKK headquarters in the Kandil Mountains of northern Iraq.

?mral? is a byword for Öcalan, who is serving a life sentence on the island of ?mral? in the Marmara Sea. 

The isolation of Öcalan, to which Bay?k referred, refers to the unmentioned ban on Öcalan?s lawyers visiting him regularly. 

Bay?k said this isolation would not be lifted by only allowing one or two people to visit Öcalan. 

?A nation?s leader is in ?mral?. If the problem is to be solved then negotiations with this leadership must be conducted on free and equal grounds,? he added. 

Bay?k said the criteria for a sustainable solution to the Kurdish problem included turning the negotiated and agreed upon topics into laws at parliament. 

?Accordingly, all these must be realized for a consolidated ceasefire. Neither the Kurdish nation nor the [Kurdish] freedom movement will accept a new and special war government formed against the Kurdish nation, whoever the components of the coalition are,? he added.

Turkish army forces and PKK members have...

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