Fire aftermath-Authorities on high alert (pics)

Greek authorities are on high alert due to high winds blowing Saturday across the country. In the prefecture of Laconia in the Peloponnese, firefighters have managed to contain most of the fire front but are still operating to extinguish smaller spots around the region. 130 firefighters and 51 vehicles started their operations at the break of dawn. The fires broke out early Friday near the town of Neapolis and swept across the prefecture of Laconia, burning houses, businesses and pastures. A 58-year old Greek-Swiss man died of a heart attack outside the Health Center of Laconia. Electricity crews are working to restore problems caused to poles in the town of Neapolis.

On the other fire front in Attica, at Mount Hymettus, fires are dying out, but authorities are still on alert. Nikos Tsongas, the spokesperson of the firefighting department said the situation is much better on all fronts but the risk is still high. 140 firefighters and 70 vehicles are still on the spot. The fire broke out Friday midday and burnt vast areas of Mount Hymettus. It quickly spread to the surrounding municipalities of Vyronas, Ilioupolis and Argyroupolis endangering residential areas. 40 nuns were ecacuated from the Monastery of Saint Jonh in Kareas at the foot of Mount Hymettus, while a building hosting services for the child home “Hamogelo tou Pediou} was also evacuated. Two suspects, a Bulgarian and a Greek were arrested on charges of arson by negligence. The Greek Defence Ministry has ordered army units to patrol on mountainous areas, while the Interior Ministry has issued some basic instructions to citizens:

-Remain calm

-Furl balcony tents

-Block all vents or cracks (chimneys, windows, doors etc) to prevent ash from entering the house

-Protect house perimeters by connecting all water tubes

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