Turkey's women-only newspaper

Tunceli Emek, a daily in the southeast province of Tunceli, has a feature that no other newspaper in Turkey has: All of its employees, from its owner to its reporters and from its editors to its page designers, are women.

Its founder, Hüsniye Karakoyun, took her sisters with her when she went to Erzurum for her university education as conflicts between the state and ?the mountain? (the outlawed Kurdistan Workers? Party or PKK) continued. As she was studying, she was also working to take care of them. When she graduated, she was appointed as a teacher to a southeast province.

It was a province where unsolved murders were frequent at the time. As the life of any woman was besieged in the city, she started to write columns for a local newspaper. After three years of adventure as a columnist, she returned to Tunceli in 2004. She started to publish a weekly newspaper with her two sisters and her cousin. Nobody thought they would succeed. Some people even placed a bet, saying: ?The weekly will be printed for three or four issues and then it will close.?

Because they see it as a competitor, two local newspapers declined to print Karakoyun?s weekly at their printing center. She was forced to send the articles to the Elaz?? province for the first five months to print them. 

Then, one day, Karakoyun learned that the Global Fund For Women had been awarding grants to projects for women. She prepared a project, presented it and was accepted. Consequently, she presented the project to Turkey?s Small and Medium Sized Businesses Development and Support Management Directorate (KOSGEB). 

Providing her wage as collateral, she withdrew credit from a bank, established her own printing center and turned her weekly into a daily newspaper. It was...

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