Bestiality on the rise: Men arrested for operating animal brothel

Three men from Wales were convicted of operating an animal brothel in Swansea. Aptly known as “The Ram Inn”, the brothel was operated by Adam and John Cafferty, two brothers aged 31 and 28, as well as David Cafferty, their 52-year-old father, from January 2011 thorugh to July 2015.

All three men were sentenced to four years in prison. During the trial, the father said that he was aware of the operations but did not manage or profit from it.

47 sheep of different coloring and various breeds were abused as part of the operation including a rare pygmy goat from SE Asia.

Meanwhile in Germany…

Animal welfare groups are concerned that bestiality brothels are spreading faster than ever thanks to a law that makes animal porn illegal but sex with animals legal.

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