Bones found in suitcase in Australia sparks speculation of missing Madeleine (pics + vid)

Australian police found a child’s skeletal remains in a suitcase dumped on the side of a highway in Adelaide, South Australia. A passer-by found the remains on July 15.

The body belongs to a child, a young girl, though forensic analysis has yet to prove this. It was likely that the child was murdered eight years ago. Detective Superintendent Des Bray said that there are reasons to believe that the little girl had fair hair and was aged between two to four years of age. She was 90-95cm tall.

Clothing in the suitcase included a black tutu and purple top that date back to 2007, causing the police to surmise that the murder could have taken place at around this time.

No sooner were the details released that speculation rose as to whether the child could have been Madeleine McCann who was aged 3 years when she went missing from her holiday apartment in Portugal. Police do not believe that there is a high probability of the child in the suitcase bearing relation to missing Madeleine.

Investigators are looking for a man, aged 60, who was seen near the scene with a suitcase a few weeks ago who may have searched through it before it was reported to police.

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