Tourism festival in Antalya

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The 2nd International Alternative Tourism Arts and Culture Festival, Artoros, will host 162 artists from 22 different countries across the world including Italy, Macedonia, Japan, Poland and Kosovo on the high plain of the Taurus Mountains in the southern province of Antalya's ?bradi district. 

The festival, organized by the ?bradi and Antalya municipalities along with the region's arts and culture association, will open its doors to art lovers today, and will end with a closing ceremony on Aug. 25.

Guest artists will place alternative art studios at various tourism attraction points such as the historical Alt?nbe?ik Caves, the hero Yörük Ali's museum house, the streets of Ürünlü Village and the monumental "Arapast?k Kestanesi" tree, where artists will gather in groups under different art genres and harmonize the region's people with art.


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