Greek Super League-Sexy WAGS Vol.1 (pics)

The “Super League”, Greece’s first division football competition started Saturday, August 22. The fans will be anxious to see their teams’ new signings in action. Besides the fans cheering for their idols, the protagonists on the field will also have the full support of their loved-ones in the stands. This is the aspect of the football world we are more interested in presenting for now. Behold the WAGS. The acronym refers to Wives and Girlfriends of athletes, in this case footballers. And since we have become pretty much addicted to electoral processes, cast your votes in the comment section on which one you think is hotter. You might probably have guessed our vote. Let the voting commence:

1. Marcus Berg-Josephine Berg

2. Stefano Kapino-Mirketa Vidali

3. Nikos Karelis-Ismini Choustoulaki

4. Pajtim Kasami-Nicole Scherzingeris

5. Klaus Athanasiadis-Dora Gougousi

6. Sergio Sanchez-Elizabeth Reyes

7. Aris Soiledis-Elenis Chatzidou

8. Stefano Napoleoni-Martina Pecci

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